Korea prewedding – Pentagraphy studio

Pentagraphy Studio

Forever promise by Pentagraphy

Pentagraphy is located in Chungdam district which is a very expensive place to have a building as a standalone studio. However, this studio is ready for your Korea prewedding photo with a whole building from basement to 4th floor and a rooftop and terrace. As you can see the samples below, this studio has all the concepts of Korea prewedding photos you can find on the web. Since this studio has huge size of floors and sets, clients would feel more private during the photo session than any other studios available in Korea. It is quiet expensive but couples would feel more secured and private with great outcome of both digital and hard copies of the final product. Also, Chungdam park is nearby, meaning that couples can go out to take some more photos on the way to the park for road scene and a natural park scene in the park. This studio is highly recommended by Noblesse SMD.