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Prewedding - Andrew Kwon Studio


Andrew Kwon Studio is one of the luxurious prewedding studio available in Korea for wedding photography session. Their album quality is making all the couples who take photos happy and satisfy as possible. Their skillful photographers are going to blow your mind by smooth process of photo shoot session. They are giving out acrylic photo frame to all couples instead of wooden classic frame. The studio is located in the very center of chungdam district where most of luxury prewedding shops are located. Prewedding photos taken by Andrew Kwon have been famous in Korea for over 15 years. Taking prewedding photos in this studio can be your dream come true experience before your wedding.

This full prewedding package includes makeup and hair by a senior chief makeup artist instead of a low level random artists. A bride will have about 3-4 hair style changed for each wedding gowns during the photo session.

This package also includes 4 Wedding gowns. 3 premium white dresses and 1 mini dress are in the package. (Premium white dresses – more fancy than regular rental dresses. )

This package also includes 2 Tuxedo for groom.  We recommend 1 classic styled tuxedo and a stylish suit for your prewedding photo.  Tailors will measure your body to fit the suits of your choice.

All of our packages include all the accessories you need. Many types of earrings, veil, tiara, hats, flowers, pin, bow tie, bridal shoes, etc. will be provided for each scene and dress.

A professional helper will be with bride from start to finish. A bride can not wear huge wedding gowns and walk by herself with wedding gowns on. She will be your useful hand when you need anything during the photo shoot session.

The process of this prewedding package 

  1. we pick you up at your hotel at the 1st day.
  2. We will head down to a wedding gown shop. You will try various styles of dresses behind curtains. and show the fitted dress to your groom every time we open the curtain.
  3. take many photos as you can with different dresses on.
  4. choose dresses to take photo.
  5. go to suit shop.
  6. choose suits
  7. measure your body.
  8. drop off at hotel
  9. we pick you up at your hotel at the 2nd day.
  10. we will go to makeup salon.
  11. get makeup/ hair done by chief senior artist.
  12. Wedding gown/tux will be delivered to the makeup salon.
  13. get dressed with wedding gown/tux after half way done your makeup/hair.
  14. finish your makeup/hair with wedding gown/tux on.
  15. we head to studio.
  16. we will have a brief meeting with your photographer to find out styles you want.
  17. start photo shoot session.
  18. finish photo shoot session.
  19. drop off at hotel.
  20. we will send you original photos via email.
  21. Choose 30 photos for your album and frame.
  22. takes about 120days to process album and frame after your selection date.
  23. we pick up the final product from the studio
  24. we confirm your address once more before we send the product.
  25. we send the product and give you tracking code.
  26. you will receive your product in about 5 business days world wide.

Their beautiful samples are listed down below.