You do not have studio / makeup shop / dress shop I was looking for. WHY??

Yes, we only provide limited Korea prewedding’s SMD(studios, dress shops, makeup shops).

Because, there are hundreds of SMD for ‘Korea prewedding,’ and we only provide the best of the best which we can proudly recommend to our clients. We do not want our clients fly all over to Korea for bad experience which doesn’t worth the cost they paid.

for example

  • There are studios which receive too many couples a day, each couple get tangled in the studio. MY CUSTOMERS DO NOT DESERVE THIS
  • Photographers are not experienced. (Cant make couples have natural smile) MY CUSTOMERS DO NOT DESERVE THIS
  • Delaying too long time to send photos.┬áMY CUSTOMERS DO NOT DESERVE THIS
  • Dresses are very dirty and it looks like someone already wore them hundred times. MY CUSTOMERS DO NOT DESERVE THIS
  • Tuxedo selection is too limited. they say it is because free from the dress shop. MY CUSTOMERS DO NOT DESERVE THIS
  • Clients goes to the most FAMOUS and BEST makeup/hair salon but very low ranked makeup artists do the sloppy job. MY CUSTOMERS DO NOT DESERVE THIS

Above are the reasons why we have limited SMD in our Agency. We would be happier if we sell more, but our clients’ satisfaction is more important than making more money. Because we believe your satisfaction will make our company grow more.

We want to be the best Korea prewedding company.

How many pictures can I have?

We will send you 300-600 original pictures in 1 week via email. Numbers of original photos are vary with each photographer’s picture taking style. (one shot mode OR continuous mode)

How many edited (photoshop) photos do I get?

After you receive your original photos, you will be asked to choose 20 or 30 pictures (depend on your package) for photoshop. The edited pictures will be in your album. Also, select 1 more picture in the selection to make a big frame.

What are edited pictures?

Studios will edit your pictures to make your

1. arms, legs, body shape slimmer and longer

2. smaller face (head)

3. smoothen skin tone

4. whiter skin/teeth

5. overall color grading

6. graphics added when needed. (stars, water, petal, sky etc..)

How long does it take to get my album and Frame?

You will get your original photo at the same day. or in 1 week via Email. All depend on the studio’s policy.

you will get your edited pictures about 3 months after you select your pictures.

your final hard copy of album and frame will be done 2-3weeks after confirmation with edited pictures.

How are you going to send me my album and frame?

  • We will pack your final product safely and send you with EMS.(takes about 6-7 business days to your country.
  • We will use FEDEX / UPS if you request.(takes about 3-4 business days)

What is included in the package?

  • 3-4 Premium┬áDresses (full packages)
  • (2-3 white dresses+1 color or mini dresses)
  • 1 Tuxedo from dress shop (black recommend)
  • 1 Tuxedo from tailor shop (brighter color)
  • Accessories ( Bowtie, Hair pin, Flower pin, Tiara, earrings, Boleros, Bridal Shoes,necklesses, hats etc.)
  • Hair/makeup for both Bride and Groom from Professional Shop
  • Studio provides professional makeup/hair artist for ‘express package’
  • 400-700 Original Photos via Email
  • 20-30 Retouched Photos via Email
  • 20-30p Photo Album (1P = 1photo= 1page)
  • 1 Big Frame 20R size. (51cm X61cm)
  • International Shipping Fee of the products to your home
  • Professional Helper – (Dress wearing, Retouch makeup, Hairstyle change during the photo session)
  • English Interpreter (Chinese Translator – Extra charge)
  • Groom’s shoes are not included. Must bring groom’s shoes and black socks
  • Bride may bring own bridal shoes
  • Renting hair piece for short hair bride is extra cost of 150,000 KRW (real hair product). you can bring your own fake hair if you have
  • You can bring your own casual couple clothes or (traditional costumes/uniforms) for photo shoot
  • Lunch/drinks
  • Transportation between makeup shop / studio
  • Hotel pick up / drop off
  • High quality 4K video